Holland Fire Department Mission Statement


The Holland Fire Department is committed to fulfilling the fire suppression, rescue and emergency medical needs for the residents in the Town of Holland. HFD will, as rapidly and safely possible, respond to and mitigate all fires. If the incident is beyond the capabilities of HFD the on scene leadership will request the necessary qualified mutual aid resources. HFD personnel will train relentlessly in order to provide a professional and efficient service. In the event of a medical emergency HFD will respond, to the best of their ability, with the most appropriate level of pre-hospital care. If the appropriate level of care is not available HFD personnel will request an outside agency with the appropriate level of care. HFD will be active in the community in regards to fire prevention and education.


HFD Service Motto


The Holland Fire Department service motto states "Pride, Commitment and Service before Self"This three part statement describes our decision making process and the dedication to duty our members maintain.



Pride in the service we provide to the resident of the Town of Holland

Pride in our department, training, personnel and apparatus

Pride in the talents our membership provides

Pride and trust in the leadership of the department



Commitment to make decisions based on what is in the best interest of the community, department and individual members.

Commitment to provide a professional service that is well trained and proficient in emergency response techniques

Commitment to the preservation of Life and Property to the best of our ability


Service Before Self

The Holland Fire Department will remain cognoscente of the needs in our community ahead of the needs in our department

The leadership of the Holland Fire Department will selflessly ensure the compliance of the mission statement

The Holland Fire Department will provide for the future of the Department in regards to training, recruitment and retention.