EST 1893

     The Holland Fire Department is a progressive fire department that has served the community since 1893. With pride, commitment and service before self the department provides fire suppression, Advanced Life Support care and a multitude of rescue capabilities.

      Three fire commissioner were elected in 1893 to organize a fire protection agency for the Town of Holland. The official organization was completed some time in 1894.  The original "Fireman's Hall" was completed in October of 1896 and currently serves as the Town of Holland's Historical Society located at 49 North Main St.

       Membership continued to grow the department was very active, competing in as many as 30 parades a year. The award winning drill team was lead by firefighter Minar Miller. In 1933 the department purchased their first motorized apparatus. Holland's original Engine 1 was an American Lafrance pumper that cost $7800, a large expense at the time. 

       In 1968 the department realized the need for an emergency squad. Firefighter Fred Riemers volunteered to lead and organize the squad. A used Cadillac was purchased as the first ambulance. In 1971 the Holland Speedway purchased a used Buick Hearse that served as a "backup" ambulance. Finally in 1973 a new Cadillac ambulance was purchased along with the required equipment. Several members were certified in Red Cross Basic First Aid. This effort has grown into an Advanced Life Support Squad that responds to over 275 calls annually. In 1976 a Rescue truck was purchased to augment the ambulance at motor vehicle accidents.

        Once again the department needed to expand in order to accommodate more apparatus and members. Cort Kramer donated a parcel of land just south of the original hall and a new hall was built in 1974. In an effort to provide a faster response the department decided to build a second fire station on Hunters Creek Rd. During construction Engine 4 was housed by John Sullivan until the new station was completed. In 1996 Station two was completed and dedicated to "Doc" Ken Tanner.

          Currently the Holland Fire Department houses two Engines, one Heavy Rescue and one Ambulance at station one. Station two houses one engine and Off Road Rescue Unit as well as two antique/original pieces of apparatus.